Antoine has always been fascinated by horses and their sometimes surprising reactions. He didn’t understand why communication between rider and horse are often passed through force and intimidation. Some twenty years ago he became interested in the remarkable philosophy of some great horsemen.

Wanting to learn more about it, he made his first trip to Wyoming where he met men such as Buck Brannaman and Bryan Neubert who convinced him of the efficiency of this different way to interact with horses.

He liked seeing the results that this philosophy brought to a variety of disciplines ranging from cutting to dressage, jumping, endurance and race horses and with all kinds of breeds such as Mustangs, warmbloods, draft horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, quarter horses, mules etc..

A second journey led him to Argentina for a year, then to Brazil, and several more times to the United States where he had the chance to meet and learn with people like Martin Black, Destry Campbell, Mindy Bower and Richard Winters.

Antoine returned to Europe where he was one of the first to bring « Natural horsemanship » there. He starts colts, trains horses and shares his knowledge to help riders to develop a better relationship with their horses and improve their riding.

He also translated Tom Dorrance’s book in French.

Today, Antoine comes to a peak in his career; after having been the first European guest at the HORSEMAN’s RE-UNION in 2012, he is now honored to be the first European being invited to the “ROAD TO THE HORSE”.