The horse puts forward our flaws like our qualities, giving us the opportunity to progress as a person so we can both communicate, share and learn together. This is the fastest and most gratifying way for horse and rider without using force or intimidation and he will turn into a willing partner.

I try to work with the mind first. The objective is that he feels good about himself, motivated, relaxed and as fearless as possible. The physical aspect will then follow.

I try to live with the horse in the present moment; I do not follow a training program. I adapt myself to the needs of each individual horse. I try to treat the causes of the problems and not the symptoms.

Giving the horse a goal while we work together is my priority. However I allow him to make mistakes, find solutions and let him choose the right decision. That way the horse takes charge of himself, becomes more calm, receptive and free willing and therefore more confident and secure. I want him to be completely in the moment, to want to take on any challenge and make him feel like he wants to be nowhere else but with his rider.