We prepare your horse for a variety of disciplines like jumping, western riding, trail riding, as soon as the colt starting is done but also with more experienced horses.

We like to think that we are educating horses like ranch horses. The qualities of a good ranch horse open many doors to other disciplines. He needs to be a good cow horse but also a decent jumping, endurance or trail horse.

A lot of trust, harmony and control are involved in the making of such a horse.

Cattle work

Antoine has worked many years with cattle and has been able to familiarize with different technics, extending from the USA to Argentina but also to Brazil and Australia. He applies the same philosophy with cattle and horses. He wants the horse to have the desire to work and control the cow, allowing him to make mistakes but also to do the task himself.

Problem horses

We treat the causes of the problems and not the symptoms.

First we develop control with new codes and tools. We try to build the horse’s desire to be with the rider.

Then progressively we expose the horse to problem situations at the same time trying to gain control and confidence, the next step is to help the rider so he or she can learn and feel comfortable with this “new language”.

Company seminars

You can come for one or more days to discover through the horse, ways to achieve your goals while taking into account how one works, their needs and the well-being of one another. Learn how to assimilate the tools to develop motivation, confidence and independence within a group.